“Personality” a myth, a mere theory, a professional fashion statement or a relevant fact?

In the 21st century, we have been hearing so much about “personality” analysis, development, improvement,  effect etc. So much so, that it in itself has become a matter of subject, expertise, study and concern. But have you ever wondered if this actually is to be given so much importance as it gets?

Did “personality” never exist in earlier centuries? Did personality never play any importance in earlier days? Whereas on the contrary, all our role models (be it of any field) have been influencing us the most with their personality. Right? For example, we really loved the bold and ferocious personality of so and so revolutionist. We really appreciated the commanding personality of that politician. Oh, I am a huge fan of such an attractive personality of that Hollywood actor.

So when the personality has always been our focus of criteria for judging or noticing or remembering or appreciating or even hating someone or something about them, then how come it has suddenly become a hot topic only in recent days?

That’s only because we the people have now come to an age wherein our focus is not to just win the rat race monetarily, we want to win the hearts!

We believe in playing with people’s mind to create an impression. We no longer rely on theoretical knowledge only. We want to be impressed with what we see and feel.

We want to remain in someone’s memory.

We want to create history.

We want to create a memory of ourselves.

We want to be remembered for anything be it for a positive or negative reality.

After all, it’s a competitive world! In order to win this competition, we are glued to the digital screens around us, rather surrounded by it. Know here, how our little habits like these of increased screentime are also affecting our upcoming generations in an imaginable way. Right from what we eat and how is it affecting our fitness, to what we see and how we do things,  everything is getting affected due to our actions.

And we are a greedy and fierce generation who wants literally everything. We no longer get satisfied (or compromise) with just what God has given us or say the way God has created us. We are a generation who wants an improvement as a human by hook or crook. If we don’t have something by birth we believe in acquiring it! And that’s also what we want our generations to come, to learn. To never give up on a dream and work towards it sincerely. And that’s how the term “personality development” comes in picture.

Now let’s look at one thing? Personally per se is something you are born with. It’s technically not something you can rewrite for yourself. Its something which is in your genes. Like an actor’s son by default has an attractive personality looks wise! A leaders daughter genetically has a personality best suited for leadership skills! Then why do we even try or bother to work on our personality if it’s not in the correct proportion in us (the way we wanted)?

What effects you deep inside, from your social circle, from the way your family looks at you, from the way your peer group treats you, from the way your colleagues at work look at you, from the way you yourself feel when you look into the mirror, in fact, the way you imagine yourself if your dreams, THAT is where the personality development begins! Because that’s the soft corner, key point or say the painful string which thrives you for betterment.

Our personality keeps on getting effected with the things we see, feel, experience and learn in our daily lives. Be it theoretically or practically. Be it from books or by people around us.

Like we read something in a mythological book about how Lord Rama had to take agnipariksha for his wife Sita. Now a female reading this might develop a personality which would push her against the trust and respect factor over men in general and a male reading this might consider this as one of a leadership quality to gain trust over his team members at the cost of sacrificing his own relationship. A same chapter of mythology might affect the personality of two different people very differently !!

Consider a boy and a girl being raised in an orthodox environment. The girl might always feel lower or weaker and eventually would develop a personality of being either a rebel or too introvert. Whereas the boy might develop a personality of being an extremist or an extrovert.

Eventually, when all the kind of people explained above move ahead in their lives coming out of their well or shell and face the bitter/ sweeter truth of the world, some MIGHT realise that they are a slight misfit to the society. Some MIGHT feel that they need a readjustment in their own personality to fit better in the world. Or some might feel the need for their self-satisfaction. Some consider it for their professional or personal betterment, some consider it just as a tool for professional growth. Your consideration will then decide the steps you need to take ahead? Whichever be the case, your decision will pave your path for your success. Then, your starting point must be to start to announce it to the world! What better way to leverage social media to put your word out there in the market?

Whatever be the reason or motive behind the need for so-called change in their personality, THAT is where the Personality development comes in play. Because you can be whatever you want to be irrespective of where you come from! Even before working on your personality, you will be understood. Once you are able to untangle your thoughts, then the journey from there will be an easy one, provided you are under the right guidance and are willing to unlearn, learn and implement your Super-Personality version.

While Personality Development is a continuous process, once we reach a stage where we are satisfied with our personality, i.e., it is yielding the desired results for us, we can call it a state of ‘Super-Personality’. But again, Super Personality is just your current best version, as your goals evolve, the ‘need’ to evolve your personality also arises. Therefore, there cannot exist a ‘Best Version Of Self’, there can only exist a ‘Current Best Version of Self.’

The concepts of self-love, self-confidence and self-acceptance are never a one-time investment. We must invest in it every single day to remind ourselves that we love ourselves the way we are, we are confident about who we are and we accept ourselves just the way we are. The constant struggle between to change or not to change can be solved just when we decide to ‘evolve’! Just by replacing the word ‘Change’ with ‘Evolve’ can have a whole level of another impact on our mindset. Everything starts in the mind and with the mind. The mind needs the highest maintenance yet it gets the lowest from most of us.

Our personalities too start in our mind, irrespective of the outside-in or inside-out approach that we take. Thus, understanding what’s in our mind, why and where is it coming from, can solve a lot of questions for us internally.